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American Barns

Heritage-style Sheds

Mecano's Heritage Barn Kits are similar to the "American Barn" style that many people are familiar with.

One major benefit of a barn is the extra internal height, especially if mezzanine floors are required. The Mecano mezzanine steel flooring is pre-cut and ready for assembly.

Internal Posts

It should be mentioned that most "barn type" structures have intermediate posts to carry the side awnings. In many ways this can be an advantage if you intend to have dividing rooms or a mezzanine floor for upstairs usage.

Optional wall frames can simply butt between the internal columns.

Optional awnings

Both side awnings and extended gable end awnings are available

American Style Barn Kit

Available Sizes

Heritage Style (American Barns)

American Barns are available in 9.1m and 12.5m spans, in a variety of lengths.

Standard heights at side (gutter height) are 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m, 3.2m, 3.4m, and 3.6m.
Apex heights will vary dependant on span.

Barn Specials

Class 10 Barns

Trimclad profile sheeting
Colour Walls & Trim
Zinc Roof
Includes 1 roller door

N3 windrating (W41Non-Cyclonic)

  • 9m wide x7.5m deep - $8990
  • 9m wide x 9m deep - $11,500

  • 12m wide x 9m deep - $14,580
  • 12m wide x 12m deep - $19,890
  • 12m wide x 15m deep - $24,900

C2 windrating (W50Cyclonic)

  • 9m wide x7.5m deep - $9530
  • 9m wide x 9m deep - $12,190

  • 12m wide x 9m deep - $15,450
  • 12m wide x 12m deep - $21,080
  • 12m wide x 15m deep - $26,390

Free Delivery to Gympie local area.
For other areas, price on application

Lofts and variations available

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