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Our Carports are available in Skillion (Flat Roof) or Gable styles.

Perfect for an affordable shelter option for your car, and they also make fantastic freestanding shelters for a multitude of other purposes, such as pool covers, horse shelters, playground covers or eating areas.


(To see more about footings, see below, or start video from beginning)

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Carport Heights

Standard carports have a 2.4m clearance.

That's not to say we can't make them bigger! If you need something higher for your boat, truck, or whatever, we can make carports with higher clearances. Talk to one of our sales team about larger heights.

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Carport Tie-Down Types

Tie Down Types

When ordering a carport you should clarify the type of tie down required.

Type 1 :If you have an existing concrete slab, for a standard carport the posts will be the height of 2.1m clearance at the front with a fall of 200 mm to the back of 1.9m clearance



Type 2 : If you intend to pour a slab, you should consider concreting the posts into the footings. This will ensure the carport is extremely well braced, limiting any sway that may occur in cyclonic areas. Also, by concreting the posts into the footing you will gain an extra height of 200mm front and back.


This is because the posts are supplied to Mecano in 8m and 6m lengths - This means a 6m post can be cut into a 2.1m and two 1.9m, and a 8m length can be cut into three 2.65m lengths.

Footing depths are generally 900mm deep (footings or slap) with footings only. The Posts only needs to be under the top of the concrete 300mm in either case: This means the front of the shed will have a clearance of 2.3m while the back posts can be placed 500mm from the top of slab so there is a 200 mm fall.

Type 3. Non Standard - Type 1 and 2 are usually limited to domestic use. Should you require a carport with extra height, please let the sales staff know your requirements: The rule of thumb is to simply use them 8m and 6m lengths and then figure out the post lengths depending on stock.

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