Mecano Sheds and Kit Homes


Aquarian Cabin

$7,463 inc. GST (Online Price)

  • “Aquarian” Cabin Floorplan – 22.5m²
  • Zinc Trimclad Roof – or upgrade to colour for $160 (pictured)
  • Horizontal Custom Orb Walls
  • Class 1 Engineering Included
  • Slab/Footing Design  Included (if valid soil test supplied)

Please Note: Sheds are made to order.
Current Turnaround time is approx 6-8 weeks

Payment Breakdown
Kits under $7500: Payment required in full
Kits $7500 to $15,000: 50% Deposit, 50% Production
Kits Over $15,000: 30% Deposit, 30% Engineering, 40% Production

The Backyard Tiny House

The simplest and quickest way to build your tiny home or backyard granny flat. Our steel frame is an excellent option as there is no cutting or drilling required. Each wall panel fits together perfectly and is screwed together, just like a big Meccano Set!

Save on transport cost with flat-pack frames. Steel is stronger and lighter than timber and will save time on-site with pre-cut members ready for assembly.

4200x5400 Aquarian

What's Included?

  • Wall Frames and Trusses
  • Wall and Roof Cladding + Trims
  • Ceiling Batten
  • Internal Wall Frames
  • Steel Flooring System (optional)
  • External Windows and Doors (optional)
  • Engineering for Class 1 Dwelling
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Internal Fit-out
  • Soffits and Eave Linings

What do I need?

If it’s for a Shed or Studio (non-habitable) All you’ll need is a site plan – we supply everything else you need for council. 

If the cabin is for living in – here’s what you’ll need to look at:

  • Owner Builders Licence (or engage a licenced builder)
  • Site Plan (where your cabin is on your block)
  • Soil Test
  • BAL Assesment (bushfire attack level)
  • Energy Efficiency Assesment
  • Plumbing & Electrical Contractors