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Shade Shelters

Economical alternative carport or shade shed.

Mecano Shade Shelters are an affordable and modular alternative to carports. The simple design makes the shade shelter easy to assemble in any size or configuration. Mecano Shade Shelters are also available with a cyclonic windrating for areas north of Bundaberg.

Mecano Shade Shelter with Trimclad

5 easy steps

Available Sizes of Shade Shelters

Shade Shelters can be made to any span up to 9m and as high as 3.6m clearance
Below are the maximum sizes for the different series

Series Max Height Max Span (N3) Max Span (C2)
20-25 2m 1.8m 1.5m
25-30 2m 2.4 2m
30-35 2.4m 3m 2.5m
35-40 2.7m 3.6m 3m
50-40 3.3m 4.5m 4m
65-75 3.6m 9m 8m

Mecano Shade Shelter with Trimclad

Possible Uses

Because Mecano's Shade Shelters are so versatile, they can be used many different applications. Some of these include:

  • Vehicle Cover
  • Boat or Caravan Cover
  • Nurseries
  • Animal or Stock Shelter

Available Colours and cladding

Mecano Shade Shelters are available in a wide range of cladding options including metal Trimclad, Corrogated iron, or a selection of shade fabrics. Note: If using the structure for a nursery that only requires a shade fabric, the structure does not need to be as sturdy as those that need to support metal cladding, therefore there will be a cost saving on the frame.

Mecano Shade Shelter with Trimclad

Mecano Trimclad


Your Mecano Shade Shelter will come ready to assemble with easy to follow instructions to make it quick and easy to set up. Depending on your location, construction by Mecano may be possible. Contact a salesperson for details.

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