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Stud frame steel Trusses and Wall Panels

Wall Panels


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Mecano are able to supply steel wall frame panels and trusses in a variety of spans and styles to suit the customer's requirements. Mecano's steel stud frame roll-forming machines automatically manufacture pre-punched, notched, and dimpled steel studs ready for simple panel and truss assembly.

Complete house frames                           Internal walls                                       Awnings         

Commercial office areas            Optional steel flooring

Other Building Products

Roll formed Products

C sections

Multi- purpose use.

Nesting Channels

(C sections without lips)
Uses:Mezzanines House flooring/Shelters/Awnings
(Designed to suit Mecano C section
and hat batten dimensions only)

Top hat battens

Top hat battens 61mm/64mm/125mm.
With Nesting channel to suit.

Ceiling Battens

Used for plaster board lining
or lining existing walls where
600mm centres or less are required

Custom Flashing and brackets

Special flashings and brackets
requiring various angles and bends.
Maximum length 4m with max 4mm thickness

Stud Plate and Noggin

Standard stock lengths
or pre cut, punched, dimpled
ready to assemble


Cladding & Accessories


Square and Quad Gutter

End stops to suit guttering

Barge Mould

3 break ridge cap

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