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Cyclone Rated Garden Sheds

Flat-Pack Cyclone Rated Garden Sheds

Not your ordinary garden shed!

Designed for the harsh Australian weather, Mecano garden sheds have been specifically designed to cover both cyclonic and non-cyclonic conditions.

Mecano garden sheds use a high tensile, zinc/aluminium coated steel typically used in house frames making a Mecano Garden Shed considerably stronger and more durable than one without a frame.

All Mecano sheds use high tensile steel cladding and are supplied with an easy to follow instruction manual including plans and engineered drawings.

Sheds under 10m2 can be considered self assessable building work and may not require council approval or inspections – saving considerable time and money*

*Check with your local council or building authority for more information.

Barn Door Garden Shed
The simplest way to build your new shed

More Internal Space

Easy to Construct

Options for Internal Lining

Optional Eaves

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