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Location - Deluxe Garage

Deluxe Garages

Class 10 - non-habitable structure

A Deluxe garage has a 20° roof pitch to match the aesthetics of your new or existing home.
Our roof trusses have 600mm side eaves and 300 mm gable eaves.

Trusses are spaced at 1.2m centers which means the ceiling is able to be lined internally.

Standard Sizes

Span Length Height
6.3 m 6 m 2.7 m
6.3 m 9 m 2.7 m
6.3 m 12 m 2.7 m
7.2 m 6 m 2.7 m
7.2 m 9 m 2.7 m
7.2 m 12 m 2.7 m

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  • - 600mm stud centers
  • - 600mm side eaves
  • - 20 degree roof pitch
  • - 1.2m Truss spacing
  • - External Cladding (see below for options)

  • Optional Extras
  • - Windows
  • - Roller/panel lift doors
  • - Sliding glass doors
  • - Personal door
  • - Vermin flashing
  • - Whirly bird

Ready to Line Internally

The wall panels in the deluxe garages are programmed with 600mm studs and are ready for lining. Please note that the Deluxe shed is engineered to be a Class 10 building (a non-habitable structure). It cannot be legally lived in.

Access Options

Sliding glass doors and Pa doors are also available for use as a games room, studio etc.

Optional Steel Floor System

If you prefer to have the deluxe garage raised off the ground, our easy to assemble floor frame can be put together in a matter of hours once the posts have been set into the footings. Click Here for more information about our Steel Frame Floor System

Cladding Options

Click here for more information about all the cladding available for our deluxe garages

Conventional Cladding


(for rendering)
(render kit optional)

Metal Cladding

Custom Orb
(Horizontal or Vertical)

(Horizontal or Vertical)

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