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Location - Industrial Shed

Industrial Sheds

Conventional metal clad Industrial buildings

Mecano manufacture standard Cold form C-section sheds up to 20m spans in W41 and 18m spans in cyclonic W50 areas. Please read the facts about cold form section sheds before deciding to order spans greater than 20meters. See photo gallery below of bigger spans collapsing under their own load.


Custom designed commercial buildings.

Mecano do not manufacture spans greater than 20M in non cyclonic areas. Maximum spans in cyclonic areas are 18M with 6M bay spacing and maximum heights of 6M. The photograph to the left depicts a common occurrence within the cold form steel industry where larger portals collapse under their own weight. In many cases, structural Universal Beams for larger spans are sometimes as competitive as cold form section steel. (Photo unrelated to Mecano Sheds)

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Shed Failures

Available Sizes

Refer to height legend below for available heights in each size.

9m Length      
12m Length    
15m Length    
18m Length    
21m Length      
24m Length
30m Length  
36m Length  
40m Length  
50m Length  

Height Legend

- available in heights of
3m, 3.6m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.4m, 6m
- available in heights of 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.4m, 6m

Why Mecano Industrial Sheds are stronger!

  1. Mid Portal Roof and Wall battens are high tensile 125mm hat sections.
    (Note: C and Z sections used with all Mecano Universal Beam structures.)

  2. End wall intermediate posts are back to back where openings exceed 6M.

  3. An actual C section Fascia is used to tie in the wall and Roof cladding.

  4. Heavy duty Knee and apex braces are used with 6mm end plates

  5. Separate Webbed Header Beams if Mid bays exceed 6M

  6. High tensile bolts to Mid Portal base plate connections.

  7. Knee and apex plates are not only bolted, but also supported with heavy duty tek-screws to prevent any slippage during construction.

Portal Frame Structural Members

Columns and rafters are pre-punched. Knee Plates and apex brackets are simply fixed between the back to back columns and rafters. You will have an easy step by step manual on just how easy it is to have the portals ready for standing.

Ensure that when you are ready to lift the portals you have licensed riggers experienced with cold form section sheds.

All knee and apex braces are mitred where they join the column and rafters.

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