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Transportable Cabins and Units

Portable Dongas and Accomodation

Mecano offer standard Cabin Kits or custom designed transportable buildings. 

Suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Granny Flats
  • Art studios
  • storage units
  • caravan parks (talk to our staff about bulk purchases)

Or combine multiple units together with decking and awnings to create a breezeway style house! 

Mining Camp Unit

Transport Information

A factory-built cabin is most cost efficient if the length does not exceed 8 meters and if the width does not exceed 3.4 meters (including gutters). 3.4m is the maximum legal width for transporting goods without a police escort. Complete buildings wider than 3.4m will incur a far greater cost due to delivery.

Therefore, we recommend choosing a transportable with a width of no greater than 3.3m.

Factory built cabins are pickup only. It is the customer’s responsibility to organise transport.

Roller Door Shed on Skids

Standard Portable Building Floorplans

The floor-plans below meet the maximum width requirements for transport without an escort.

Finishing options

Customers may choose to purchase a factory-built Transportable Cabin built to lockup stage (no internal lining or fittings), or as a flat-pack kit

Built to Lock-up Stage No internal lining or fittings

Flat-pack Kit Ready for Transport

Steel Frame Panel

Transportable Cabins are supplied on optional steel flooring or optional skids. (Footings and posts will have to be in place before delivery schedule).

Roofing Options

  • Skillion or Gable Roof Style
  • Pitch options on gable roofs: 12, 15 or 20 degrees
  • Pitch options for skillion roofs: 2 or 5 degrees.

Cladding Options

Wall Cladding
Custom Orb (corro)
Wall Cladding
Wall Cladding
Wall Cladding
Blueboard (for render)

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