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Location - Class 10 Cabins

Transportable Buildings

Portable Cabins and Units

Mecano also offer portable buildings for mining camp accommodation

Click for more information about our mining camp transportable dongas.

Mecano offer factory assembled units to the public using our standard Cabin Kits or custom designed transportable buildings able to be used for a variety of purposes

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Granny Flats,
Art studios,
storage units,

or combine multiple units together with decking and awnings to create a breezeway style house!

Select from our standard styles below, or design your own.

Transport Information

A factory-built cabin or donga is most cost efficient if the length does not exceed 8 meters and if the width does not exceed 3.4 meters (including gutters). 3.4m is the maximum legal width for transporting goods without a police escort. Transportable buildings wider than 3.4m will incur a far greater cost due to delivery.

Therefore, we recommend choosing a transportable with a width of no greater than 3.3m.

Standard Portable Building Floorplans

The following are a selection of our standard cabin floorplans which have an appropriate span for construction as a small Transportable House or Cabin.

Custom Design

Any span or length is possible and internal walls can easily be re-arranged or removed as required.
Please mention this to our sales person or advise us of your requirements using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page

Finishing options

Customers can either buy a factory-built Transportable Cabin built to lockup stage (no internal lining or fittings), or fully finished intenally and externally (many options available).

Built to Lock-up Stage
No internal lining or fittings

Built to Fully Completed Stage
Lined inside with a range of other internal options

Transportable Cabins come on steel flooring with Universal Beam skids. (Footings and posts will have to be in place before delivery schedule).
Internal walls are usually a stiff shadow clad or the pine board similar to caravan interiors. Variations to our standard plans are acceptable providing the variation does not alter the structural frame.

Options for Transportable Cabins
  • - Gas stove

  • - Gas hot water

  • - 2.5m Kitchen cupboards with 1.5m of overhead cupboards

  • - Stainless steel single bowl sink

  • - Double power points as required by plan

  • - Light fittings

  • - TV and phone points

  • - Toilet

  • - Fibreglass shower cubicle

  • - 1m bathroom vanity

  • - Laundry tub

  • - Tiles to wet areas, vinyl to kitchen and bedroom areas.

  • - Windows and doors as per plan.

Please note that connection of electrical and plumbing to external walls will be the responsibility of the owner.

Universal Beam Skids

Interior - factory finished

Roofing Options

Choose from a Skillion or Gable roof style

Pitch options on gable roofs: 12 - 15 - 20 - 26 degrees

Cladding Options

Click here for more information about all the cladding available for our transportables

Conventional Cladding


(for rendering)
(render kit optional)

Metal Cladding

Custom Orb
(Horizontal or Vertical)

(Horizontal or Vertical)

Transportable Storage Units

Specials on Cabins and Transportables

Class 10 Traditional Trimclad Transportable

5.4 m length x 3.15 width x 2.4 high

  • - N3 or C2 windrating
  • - Smooth cream walls
  • - zinc roof
  • - Front sliding door 2100 x 1800 high
  • - Two 900x900 windows
  • - insulated
  • - Yellow tongue flooring
  • - bottom edge vermin proofing
  • - Skids and stumps included
  • - Engineered certified plans.
  • - (Internal lining optional)

    Constructed to lockup stage onto skids at our factory for:
    $9990 (N3)
    $10,150 (C2)

    or as a "Flat-pack" for :
    $7990* (N3)
    $8790* (C2)
    *Stumps only supplied in flatpack price, skids available at extra charge.
    (prices are ex-factory)

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