Mecano Sheds and Kit Homes

Double Garage – 2022 Clearance

$4,529 inc. GST (Online Price)

  • Suitable For Both Cyclonic and Non-Cyclonic Regions (A, B & C)
  • 1000mm stud centres – Ebony (black) coloured framing
  • Flat-Pack Frame For Easy Transport
  • Choice of Colour Trimclad Walls
  • Zinc Trimclad Roof
  • Choice of Trim Colour
  • 2700mm wide roller door openings (roller doors extra)
  • Dimensions: 6060 x 6100 x 2400 (gutter)
  • 12° Roof Pitch (Gable Roof) or 6° (Skillion)

If applicable, doors will be supplied in the same colour as the trim.
Note for Cyclonic Regions
Doors are not wind-locked! for Cyclonic doors, click here

Please Note: Sheds are made to order.
Current Turnaround time is approx 6-8 weeks

Payment Breakdown
Kits under $7500: Payment required in full
Kits $7500 to $15,000: 50% Deposit, 50% Production
Kits Over $15,000: 30% Deposit, 30% Engineering, 40% Production

Available Wall Colours

Available Trim Colours

Panel Frame Shed

The panel frame shed is the simplest and easiest to construct and has many benefits over traditional portal frame designs. The Mecano Steel Stud Framing System simplifies the construction process. As with all Mecano frames, there is no cutting or drilling required. The frame simply tek screws and bolts together. The kit is supplied with an easy to follow instruction manual.

The Benefits of a Panel Frame Shed

  • More internal space
  • Simple and Easy to construct
  • Allows for wide array of cladding options including:
    • Standard Vertical Trimclad/Custom Orb
    • Weather Boards
    • Blue Board (for render)
  • Options to allow for internal lining.
  • Options for rafters or trusses, allowing for eaves if required
  • Maintenance Free – rust resistant aluminium-zinc coated frames

More Internal Space

Because the portals and girts are integrated into the frame, a panel frame shed has more usable internal space as there are no protruding columns or end wall mullions.

Compare two identical sized sheds below: 

Space inside a boltup shed
Usable Space: 5.65 x 5.65 = 32m²
Internal Space Stud Frame
Usable Space: 5.89 x 5.89 = 34.7m²

How Easy is it?

1. Wall Panel Assembly

Flat-packed wall panels simply lock together and are tek screwed using the pre-punched dimples. No cutting or drilling is required. Alternatively, walls can arrive on site pre-assembled

0001.1. Laying Down Walls

2. Stand up Panels

Wall Panels simply tek screw together. Frames are dyna-bolted to the concrete slab.

1.11 Stand Up Panels

The Instruction manual will include a job specific wall layout detailing the location of the stud panels, head beams, roller door jambs and rafters.

3. Rafters (or trusses)

Rafters simply bolt together and are fixed to the top of the wall panels. Alternatively, Trusses can be used instead, which are easily bolted to the existing wall panels.

1.1. Stand Up Panels

4. Top Hat

Top hat roof battens are fixed to the mid rafters and the end wall panels.

3.1 Top Hat

5. Roof and Wall Cladding

Attach cladding to manufacturers specifications.

4. Cladding

The instruction manual details the position and length of all wall cladding.


6. Flashings, Gutters and Trim

5. Trim - Labelled

Included With the Kit:

  1. Gable End Barge Caps
  2. Ridge Cap
  3. Gutters
  4. Corner Flashings
  5. Roller, Pa Door and Window Flashings
  6. Optional: Vermin Flashing
    Please Note: corner flashing, ridge cap and door flashings are shown in grey for illustration purposes only.

7. Roller Doors, Personal Access doors and Windows.

Front Entry Stud Frame Shed

Roller doors are simply bolted to the back of the C-sections mullions. Pa door and window openings are pre-programmed into the precise stud panel frames.